“A Beautiful Sound” sample

“Stubborn To Stay Alive” sample

“A Slice of Summer” sample

“The Richest Man” sample

“I'll Awake the Dawn” sample

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There’s something new and different in the instrumental music world— Paige Powell asked Steve Wolfe to play saxophone on the melodies she composed, and over two and a half years, they created “Cappuccino Music,” a new kind of “smooth jazz”— saxophone backed by acoustic guitar! Usually, classical guitar with its soft nylon strings is chosen for jazz. But Paige could never part with her Martin guitar and the beautiful “bell” tone of steel strings.

“Cappuccino Music” is the first CD for Wolfe and Powell, and if you like smooth jazz, you'll love the strong melodies of this project. People who have heard their CD have come back to buy more!

Steve Wolfe and Paige Powell met on stage at New Hope Church, www.newhope.org while performing at a worship service. They continue to be part of the Sunday morning worship band, and both are active in their church. All of the profits from “Cappuccino Music” will be given to New Hope Church’s building fund.

Steve and Paige record at Assembly Line Studios, www.assemblylinestudios.com in Vienna, Virginia.